We are tired of one-size-fits-all boudoir studios and offer creative services to our clientele with tailored sessions to meet your specific desires. Our services include professional styling, makeup by Jessica, portraits + gallery premier with Melissa. We support all bodies and body expressions, believe your relationship status doesn't define you and are LGBTQ+ welcoming,

bOLD. sensual. daring.


I've been there. Naked. (Or near it.) Wearing more makeup in one sitting than in the entire 12 months preceding that moment. Butterflies in my stomach. Wondering what I'm really doing. But then a voice is yelling how beautiful I look. The shutter of a camera is going off while I listen to one of my favorite songs. (I'm still going hard for Thrift Shop by Macklemore. And why not?) I'm laughing while this new person in my life says all the things I've always dreamed of RuPaul saying to me. "Yesssss girl, yes! WERK!" Now it's your turn. I'm going to be yelling all the hype magic at you. When I say bend like this, you blow me away with how you make your body into these amazing shapes. I say point those toes, and I point out how gorgeous your legs are because the pointed toe really accentuates it. You're wondering, "Why the hell didn't I do this sooner?"


For the babe who wants it all! Professional makeup with Jess, and a 2 hour session. Your session is shot in up to 6 outfits, over multiple locations, and includes a gorgeous, 24 image, 8x8 hardcover album with corresponding digital files. May include one additional partner at no extra charge.

03. The Elite             $799

Our most popular package and perfect for the person who wants a little of everything! This portrait session includes professional makeup with Jess, a multi-setting session shot over 60 minutes in 3-4 outfits. It comes with a beautiful 10 image Little Black Book and corresponding digital files. 

02. The Queen           $599

This portrait session features your Classic Black and White images. Your session will be shot with attention to detail in lighting on a black or white backdrop. These are most popularly shot nude but you can shoot in 1-2 outfits. This package includes an 8x10 mounted print.

01. The Minimalist      $399

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If you cancel your session at least ten days before your scheduled session, you may reschedule to a new date. If you cancel your session within ten days of your scheduled session, a 50% rebooking fee will be required to reserve a new date. Leading up to your session we put in many behind the scenes hours preparing for you, for this reason there are no refunds due to cancellations. 

What is your cancellation policy?

It breaks my heart when someone even questions that. Of course I can! I'm a big bitch, too, and still take opportunities to bare it all for shoots with other photographers. Your size does not dictate your legitimacy as a sexual and sexy being! I understand with the look we see portrayed in the media that even confident people like you (and even me) can have days where we really second guess that, but it's true. Your size does not define your sensuality. I can't wait for your to see yourself through my eyes!

I'm plus-sized, will you still be able to get beautiful portraits of me?

My mama is 72 years young and STILL gets gussied up for shoots. You are never too old to enjoy a boudoir session and the feeling of being a sensual person. You can, however, be too young. We typically do not shoot anyone under 21, but exceptions can be made. We DEFINITELY don't shoot boudoir for 18 and younger. 

I'm not 28 anymore, I'm not 35, I'm not 50- am I too old?

Unless you sign a model release that's up to you! You'll see them during your Gallery Premier with anyone you bring along as your hype team. I'll ask if we can share a face shot of your makeup and we will go over which images you are 100% cool with being shared and where, and that will all be outlined on the model release if you choose to sign one.

Who's going to see my portraits?

No! Not at all! I can't help you be comfortable in front of the camera if you're not comfortable in what you are (or aren't) wearing. We know not everyone has a dresser full of pretty, sexy things, or maybe only has one or two items. We have a studio wardrobe available for clients to utilize at no extra charge for sizes 00-28. And dammit we're working on adding to those sizes! We'll have a wardrobe consult two weeks before your shoot to help make sure you're ready the day of. We'll discuss nudity, We'll pick out wardrobe. You'll leave prepared and confident!

So do I have to get Naked? 


Send me a line and let's get you ready to feel beautiful and confident as you are.

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I can't wait to meet you!

My first session completely changed how I see myself... I feel like an absolute Goddess. ~ E.B.

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session with a surge of confidence that doesn't just fade away... you can see what a badass you are. Melissa has a way of capturing yout strength and beauty. From the fierce gleam in your eyes to your amazing curves. It's not smoke and mirrors images. It's 100% you, just the Goddess she helps coax out of you.    ~R.P.Y.

you walk away from your

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Tabitha P.

"That night I was able.to see all the stunning photos she was able to capture and there it was ... that OMG I'm beautiful moment!! I have been glowing since!!"


"She has made me look powerful and confident in times I thought my world was crumbling. She has the power to help YOU build your confidence and I truly think that’s what this Wonder Woman is about!" 

Sarah P.

"When she starts shooting Melissa's words are not just words, they are truths that you may have never seen because you've never viewed yourself in this light. Her work speaks for itself but what you don't see is the love and passion that goes into each individual photo. Hands down one of the most down to earth, loving, generous, welcoming people I have ever met."



photography by Melissa Mune

you are deserving

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