Melissa- photographer

I'm a day dreamer and night thinker,
I love telling your stories.

I don't always feel as powerful as that makes me look. Who I am is a passionate person who wants you to feel as invincible and beautiful as I do when I look at it, I've been shooting intimate portraits since I was 18 and have had the pleasure to photograph over a thousand people (Just. Like. You!!) to remind them they are more than what they see every day in the mirror. But You are more. 
I'm a mom of 3, I'm tired all the time. All. The. Time. But I'm also sensual, and remember giddy first kisses, I love the feeling of running my fingers over piles of textures. I wear tanks and jeans more than anything else, but appreciate lingerie, thrill over the extra oomph heels give my walk, love finding the perfect lipstick- though I've mostly been wearing a favorite since I was 14. I love to shake my ass to funky beats, listen to client stories, and create portraits that will make you feel like a fucking babe all of your life. I'm about to become your biggest cheerleader and I cannot wait!

Jessica has been the other half of B.D.B. for 3 years and started as a client in 2011. She sets you at ease and helps you get rid of any lingering nerves as she pampers you and you two swap stories. Her aim isn't to hide your features and make you into someone you don't recognize, but to use makeup as a tool to help accentuate your unique qualities. 

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Jessica- makeup Artist

that you're a magical being, that your relationship status doesn't define you, that your body is a good body no matter what you've been told, that fries are a goddamn gift to humankind, that cold brew is life, that everyone deserves to feel valued and beautiful.

"I too felt self conscious about my appearance, especially with nothing on, but she just has a way of putting you at ease and making you feel comfortable and beautiful. I love when she said, I can’t make you look skinny but I can make you look beautiful in your skin...and she did." ~Diana W.

"She knows exactly how to move you and pose you and bring out those candid moments. I’d do a shoot for her any time!!!" ~G.G.

we believe


photography by Melissa Mune

you are deserving

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